Busy People's
Super Simple 30-Minute Menus

This is a TOTALLY NEW CONCEPT in cooking. Each complete meal contains only one set of easy-to-follow, countdown-chronological cooking instructions!

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Testimonial: "Having one set of instructions that includes all of the recipes (in the meal) is cool! It's like having your grandma in the kitchen nudging you along!"
~ G. Phipps - Ohio

Testimonial: "The first (recipe) I made was the Tilapia. I'm not much of a fish person, but I would like to be! This recipe will help, because I thought it was delicious!... The kids and my husband also liked this recipe a lot, and said they would definitely want it again. The cranberry salad was very refreshing.... I set the timer (just for fun) to check my progress and I was very close, especially for making them all the first time. The instructions were very good, and most importantly, the food was all very good and very healthy."
~ L. Flick - Ohio

"As a successful First Place participant who believes in and maintains the First Place lifestyle, Dawn Hall is a popular inspirational speaker who promotes First Place in her books and talks. All of her Busy People's Cookbooks promote the low-fat, healthy lifestyle First Place recommends. I don't know of any other Christian cookbook authors that serve up only healthy, low-fat, home-style recipes the entire family enjoys eating, made with seven or less easy to find ingredients and in less than a half hour the way busy people need it! Dawn's recipes have been on our First Place website as favorites many times throughout the past years."
~ P. Lewis, FirstPlace.org

I have struggled to be within my ideal body fat ever since I was a teenager. Eating the "Body for Life" way ( 5-6 times a day: a little healthy carbohydrates and a little low-fat protein along with fresh veggies) has been essential in reaching and maintaining my ideal weight. I am thrilled to say, I achieved my "new and improved physique" within 12 weeks by eating the meals (menus) provided in Busy People's Super Simple 30-Minute Menus Cookbook as well as following the exercise plan in the Body For Life book by Bill Phillips.
~ D. Frendt - Ohio