Busy People's Fun, Fast, Festive Christmas Cookbook
Christmas Eve Appetizer and Dessert Buffet Menu
  1. The night before the party or at least 2-3/4 hours before serving time, make the cherry ice cubes for the Holiday Punch Bowl.
  2. Set up the buffet table. Be sure to put out plates, napkins, and silverware at one end of the table. Put out the punch bowl and ladle. Put the cups around it. Do not fill until serving time.
  3. Two hours before serving time, make the Old-Fashioned Baked Custard and place it in the refrigerator until serving time.
  4. While the custard is baking, assemble the Christmas Wreath-Shaped Vegetable Tray. Cover and place in the refrigerator until serving time. Put 1 cup fat-free dressing into a small serving bowl, cover, and place in the refrigerator.
  5. Make the Pistachio Cream Mini-Tarts, place on a serving tray, cover, and refrigerate.
  6. Make the Cranberry Cocktail Spread, cover, and refrigerate.
  7. Make the Snowman Cheese Spread, cover, and refrigerate. Do not put crackers with the spread.
  8. Prepare the Corned Beef Appetizer Roll-Ups, do not cook, cover, and refrigerate.
  9. Bake the crust for the Merry Cherry Pizza. While the crust is baking, get the toppings ready for the pizza.
  10. Twenty-five minutes before serving time, make the Chipped Beef and Swiss Cheese Pastry Roll-Ups.
    Last 15 Minutes:
  11. While the roll-ups are baking, place the cherry ice cubes into the punch bol and make the Holiday Punch.
  12. Remove the Corned Beef Appetizer Roll-Ups from the refrigerator, microwave, and place the pimientos over the tops.
  13. Remove all foods to be served from the refrigerator and place them on the buffet table. Put reduced-fat crackers out with the Snowman Cheese Spread and the Cranberry Cocktail Spread.