Busy People's Slow Cooker Cookbook
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Steak & Potato Cattlemen's Soup
This is a terrific way to use leftover steak and potatoes or an eye of round roast and potatoes. 


cups (1 pound) leftover cooked eye of round steak, cut into bite-sized chunks


cup chopped onions (frozen onions work well)
2-1/2 cups (2 large potatoes) leftover, fully cooked potatoes (with skins on), cut into bite-sized chunks 1 (1 1/4-ounce) envelope dry onion soup mix
4 ounces fresh sliced mushrooms 4 cups water
1/2 cup barbecue sauce    

Spray a slow cooker with nonfat cooking spray.
In the slow cooker combine the steak, potatoes, mushrooms, barbecue sauce, onions, soup mix, and water and mix well.
Cover and cook on low for 4 hours.
Yield: 6 (1-cup) servings
Calories: 235; Fat: 4g (17% fat); Cholesterol: 52mg; Carbohydrate: 23g; Dietary Fiber: 3g; Protein: 25g; Sodium: 752mg
Menu idea: I like serving this in the early spring, fall, and winter months with other comfort foods such as the Pumpkin Apple Bake from Busy People's Low-Fat Cookbook and Sweet Corn Bread (page 41).
Clam Chowder
There's no way people would ever know this is low-fat if you don't tell them.  It's super think, rich, and creamy.


(10 3/4-ounce) cans 98% fat-free cream of celery soup


(1-pound) bag frozen, fat-free shredded hash brown potatoes
2 (6 1/2-ounce) cans chopped clams, not drained 1/2 cup frozen chopped onion
    1 pint fat-free half-and-half

Spray a slow cooker with nonfat cooking spray.
Put into the slow cooker the soup, clams, hash brown potatoes, onion, and half-and-half.
Stir until well mixed.
Cover and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours.
Yield: 11 (1-cup) servings
Calories: 129; Fat: 2g (13% fat); Cholesterol: 15mg; Carbohydrate: 22g; Dietary Fiber: 2g; Protein: 8g; Sodium: 785mg
Menu idea: This is great served with Sassy Slaw from Busy People's Low-Fat Cookbook.