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Tomorrow is my 1-year anniversary of my dear husband's death. I am 45; he was 49. It was odd; I haven't cooked in a year, and kind of out of desperation, I picked up your cookbook at a friend's house (I'm here to avoid being alone on my anniversart). Anyway, for some reason, I read your testimonial. It was just what I needed. HOPE. Hope that I can begin once again to think about cooking for my 3 kids who are still at home (17, 16, 12). I too, once homeschooled, but no longer. We did have an incredible foundation. So, you know firsthand how difficult it is to make it through a day, and that cooking can seem overwhelming. Thanks for sharing your story in that book. I was meant to read it TODAY! I NEED HOPE, desperately. 
~ Lauren, Pflugerville, TX
"I love the cookbook because it’s so user-friendly."
~ Betsy Bethel, Wheeling, WV
"I LOVE this book! The recipes are great and so easy! I made "Perfect Pineapple Cookies" first and they were fantastic!! I would recommend this book to anyone!"
~ Katherine Hollstrom
Puyallup, WA
"I love this cookbook because I am not the best cook in the world and the recipes have 7 or less ingredients and the preparation is minimal. I wish she would come out with more cookbooks like this one."
~ Review from
"I really like the unique recipes in this book, and the fact that they don't call for many ingredients. It's easy for me to grab the book on the way to the grocery store and figure out a meal while I'm at the store."
~ Jennie T., Philadelphia, PA
"I really like this cookbook! It is easy to follow and the meals are great! I will be buying more of her cookbooks to add to my collection. I also like the author. I saw her on a local mid-day news show. She seems like a nice person with very creative ideas about cooking."
~ Review from
"I have never made anything from this cookbook that was not delicious. I have enjoyed having it and I use it religiously to stay on my diet. Using Dawn Hall's recipes I have lost 30 pounds since January. I recommend all of her cookbooks to my friends, but this one is great to get started with."
~ Rhonda Elrod, Conyers, GA
"Wow! With this book I can really cook. I'm not into the fancy stuff. This book lets you take normal everyday food and make it into a meal. This might not appeal to a gourmet chef, but for someone who hates to cook but has to, this is the ticket. It saves you so much time in the kitchen. I already have my favorites marked and my husband is always asking me when I am going to make that dish again."
~ Review from
"I work a full time job and I hate to cook. But my husband also works a full time job and wants to eat. I just LOVE Dawn's books! Fast and Easy and Taste good. That's what my husband and I want. He wants good food and I want it to be fast and easy. I don't know how Dawn has come up with so many recipes. Her mind must be turning every second of the day. Thank goodness I've discovered her cookbooks! Thanks, Dawn!!"
~ Review from
"This is a tried and true book in my kitchen. Anytime I need a quick recipe, this one never fails to please. All of the recipes are easy [7 ingredients or less] and make even my four year old happy!! How can you go wrong with Blueberry Crumb Cake, Harvest Ham Steaks, Mexican Spaghetti, and Cinnamon Drops?? Thank you Dawn for bringing some sanity to dieting--no complex instructions or impossible to pronounce ingredients here!"
~ Lynn J. Beddingfield, Randleman, NC
"Great for the working family and those on the go."
~ Lori L. Scovel, Manchester Press
"Dawn's cookbook has stacked up honors."
~ Scott Harrup & Joel Kilpatrick, News Digest
"Delightful cookbook."
~ Diane Eggleston, Elkhart Truth, Elkhart, IN
"Dawn Hall is known for super-easy, super delicious, extremely low-fat recipes for honest-to-goodness, down-home cooking." "Dawn Hall could be a poster child for Good Housekeeping or Better Homes and Gardens magazines."
~ Karen Zielinski, Healthy Living News, Sylvania, OH
"Dawn's personal book is the perfect solution for on-the-go, health-conscious families."
~ Jane Hall, Vincennes-Sun-Commercial
"The Halls are an ordinary family trying to overcome extraordinary odds. It is a very touching and inspirational story."
~ Betty E. Stumbo, Tribune-Courier, Ontario, OH
"I love Dawn Hall, no doubt about it. Her book reads like a novel, and her life should be a Movie of the Week."
~ Eric Bergeson, The Athens Observer, Athens, GA
"I'd call Dawn Hall inspirational! She's released her second book, Busy People's Low-Fat Cookbook, and it's even more attractive and easier to use than her first."
~ Darragh Doiron, Port Arthur News, Port Arthur, TX
"Her dishes were an absolute hit. We are fans of Hall's cookbook and believe it just may be one of the best low-fat cookbooks around."
~ Theresa Campbell, The Herald Bulletin, Anderson, IN
"Dawn Hall's tried-and-true recipes are a hit with working mothers. She is also an inspiration to those who go to extreme measures for those they love."
~ Mary Lang, White Mountain Publishing Co., Show Low, AZ
"This cookbook author not only has a winning cookbook, but the story behind her foray into the publishing world is an inspiring one."
~ Susan Lockhart, Local Flavor, North Wyoming Daily News
"Dawn's second book is for everyone, not only those who must cut down on fat intake. Her faith, determination, and courage are an inspiration. Add this cookbook to your collection."
~ Donna Franklin, Independent Publisher
"Big oaks grow from little acorns; Dawn Hall, author of the successful self-published Down Home Cooking Without the Down Home Fat, has simplified classic heartland recipes for the working person in the soon-to-be released Busy People's Low-Fat Cookbook.
~ JoAnn Livingston, Ennis Daily News, Ennis, TX
"Now here's a cookbook to tug at your heartstrings. If the heartwarming story behind the book doesn't appeal to you, no problem. You'll still be impressed with the more than 240 recipes for homestyle favorites."
~ Angela Webster, Times-Herald, Newnan, GA
"I had a dinner party tonight. One of my guests is a very well-known caterer in our town and he loved it. I served:
• Taco Vegetable Soup
• Sweet and Spicy Tossed Salad
• Southwestern Chicken Pasta Casserole, and
• Taco Biscuit Buttons
I asked my mom to take my kids out for dinner to make it easier for me and my daughter was upset! That cracked me up.... when is a teenager upset about going out to eat? I'll tell when... when her mom uses Dawn Hall cookbooks. Anyhow, the meal was a hit"
~ N. Coleman - Ohio

"I have almost all of your cookbooks (even the very first ones). I've even had to re-order the first cookbook because I used it so much it fell apart. I give them as wedding presents too. Perfect for a young couple on a budget, short on time and needing to find comfort in their new lifestyles. They are always much appreciated. Thanks for the addition of the diabetic cookbook, I rely on it a lot now that our lives have been affected by diabetes."
~ R. McGee - Ohio

(From the Super Simple 30-Minute Menus cookbook) "The first one I made was the Tilapia. I'm not much of a fish person, but I would like to be! This recipe will help, because I thought it was delicious!... The kids and my husband also liked this recipe a lot, and said they would definitely want it again. The cranberry salad was very refreshing.... I set the timer (just for fun) to check my progress and I was very close, especially for making them all the first time. The instructions were very good, and most importantly, the food was all very good and very healthy."
~ L. Flick - Ohio

"As a successful First Place participant who believes in and maintains the First Place lifestyle, Dawn Hall is a popular inspirational speaker who promotes First Place in her books and talks. All of her Busy People's Cookbooks promote the low-fat, healthy lifestyle First Place recommends. I don't know of any other Christian cookbook authors that serve up only healthy, low-fat, home-style recipes the entire family enjoys eating, made with seven or less easy to find ingredients and in less than a half hour the way busy people need it! Dawn's recipes have been on our First Place website as favorites many times throughout the past years."
~ P. Lewis,

"Just wanted to send you a quick message to tell you how much I enjoy your Busy People’s Low-fat Cookbook. My husband is trying to eliminate his high blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medication, so I am preparing meals very carefully. I haven’t found anything in this cookbook that we don’t all love. (And yes, as my e-mail suggests, I am the mother of 13-year-old triplets.)

We live in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and are hosting a small group from our church in our home weekly. Three out of the four weeks so far I have prepared a dessert from your book and everyone is raving about them!!

Again, thanks for sharing your great recipes!!!"
 ~ Michele Engstrom - Sugarcreek, OH

"I bought this cookbook about a week and 1/2 ago. I have cooked out of it nonstop (breakfast, lunch and dinner) since I received it. If you are looking to eat low fat and not give up taste, and not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this book is it!!!! The recipes are super easy (all 30 minutes or less, and 7 ingredients or less), and all very low fat and good! My family hasn't been disappointed yet. I recommend the pineapple snack cake, it takes 2 minutes to make, 20 minutes to bake and tastes just like pineapple upside down cake with only 1 gram of fat!!!! Try this book, it is worth it!"
~ Terri Bogden - Newark, IL

"I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend. The recipes are easy and call for a lot of low-fat/fat free products that you already have in your pantry. Most are easy and quick to make and very tasty. So far, I am very satisfied with each of the recipes I have tried.... There was a time that I would have shied away from fat free products, but they have improved so much, that I can't tell the difference. I never thought I would ever admit liking fat free sour cream, or fat free whipped cream. Try it, folks, and I can guarantee you will like it."
~ Review from

"Her cookbook is great, especially for our family, because I have been ill for several years with no energy to stand in the kitchen and do "real cooking". Her cookbook is so specific that my husband can look at the ingredient list and buy the exact items that the recipe calls for. He likes it because there is no guess work involved and even he can make a meal for his family. Most cookbooks call for ingredients that I have never heard of. Dawn tells you exactly what brand of pasta to use, what brand of cake mix to use, etc... She even suggests the type of crock pot to use. We have cooked 7-10 recipes and have liked all but one and that was because we bought and used the wrong cake mix. She even has breakfast recipes.
My children are always excited when the crock pot is plugged in. Thanks, Dawn!!!"
~ J. Green - Texas

"I'm not a chef....I'm not a culinary expert....but I do know how to eat.... 
After reading the other reviews, and after having purchased four of D. Hall's cookbooks...I'm actually using them, and making monthly calendars of dinners. It is a miracle.

My husband is diabetic and with my new eating plan, we are really enjoying these recipes. So far one of the many favorites we have is "Meatloaf Dinner" pg. 152. We portion out that night’s dinner, then the rest go in the freezer for another meal during the month. I had at one time in my life tried the "Once-a-Month" cooking (have that book also) and just couldn't do it....guess what? I can with these books. I know how to cook high I'm learning to cook no-to low-fat, 7 ingredients or less. These are not just cookbooks on my shelf they are lessons for healthier eating.

I'd actually had two of the cookbooks, years before, and barely cracked them open. But, now since the first of the year, I've been on an eating plan of no- to low-fat...and Dawn's recipes are it!

I like the Slow Cooker book very much and the 7 or less ingredients are absolutely for me. Her book, Down Home Cooking, is just as wonderful. The library of her books that are now in my home will NOT be sold on eBay!!! A lot of my other cookbooks have been!

If you are a busy person or not, I'd encourage you to purchase these books as they are a great testimony for low-fat cooking and EATING, and a grand testimony of her faith in the LORD. And, who knows, this type of cooking may even get you to write your own cookbook! Dawn did it because of the great need in her life for the love of her husband....what a challenge! What a testimony....thank you Dawn."
~ N. Hubbard - Walla Walla, WA

"I absolutely love this cookbook! As a mother of 2 young children, I don't have a lot of extra time to cook. We were so tired of eating hot dogs and macaroni and cheese! Luckily, I happened to stumble upon this book. These recipes are so simple and delicious! You throw everything into the crock pot and in a matter of hours, you have a terrific meal! I love the fact that I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen browning the meat, making a side dish, and dirtying tons of pots and pans. I feel better about being able to make a good meal for my family while spending more time with my kids!"
~ Review from

"I am a very busy mom and Dawn Hall's cookbooks have been a lifesaver for me. My family has loved everything I have fixed in the Busy People's Slow Cooker Cookbook. I can look up a recipe at the last minute and have all the ingredients 95% of the time. This is rare for me with other cookbooks. Most of the time there are so many odd ingredients I just don't fool with it. Therefore those books are a waste. I have all of Dawn's cookbooks and believe me, they get used. Everyone who sees my Slow Cooker Cookbook has to have one. The bonus is they are healthy and low in fat. One of my family’s favorite recipes is the Hot Fudgie Spoon Cake. This recipe is a hit with anyone who tries it."
~ Pam Jones - Winfield, WV